Casa Chablis
Historical Colonial in the Santiago district
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Casa Chablis is a beautiful restored colonial in the heart of Merida's historical zone. Restored by one of Merida's most prominent architect's, Henry Ponce, no detail  was overlook and only the highest quality finishes were used.  Located in Santiago, close to everything!

Steeped with history, Merida is the ideal city to experience the real Mexico without the typical tourist traps. A city of about 1 million people, is a wonderful mixture of colonial city and cosmopolitan destination. Using Merida as your base, you can visit cathedrals and churches, Mayan ruins, museums, haciendas, beaches and cenotes.  

Because of its tranquility and cleanliness, Merida has become a popular place to travel to. Crime is not tolerated in Merida, and it has the distinction of the city with the lowest crime rate per capita in Mexico and the 3rd safest city in the world to live. The locals are gentle, tranquil and hospitable people who have strong roots and traditions. They take pride in their city, known as "The White City", not only for the predominance of white limestone as a building material, but because of its streets, plazas and parks that are cleaned daily.

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